Police Escalation in Bay Area

There has been a clear escalation of the tension between local governments and the various Occupy encampments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Last night OccupyOakland was hit with a highly coordinated police raid, including tear gas and "non-lethal projectiles."

All three photographs in today's post are the result of such 'non-lethal' action by law enforcement.

What local politicians and law enforcement don't seem to understand is that they are not simply attacking a couple of hundred kids in tents. They are going after the ever growing number of supporters the Occupy Movement has behind it. Every act of violence from the police grows the anger, the frustration and the numbers of Occupy supporters.

And yes, government sanctioned violence will lead to a violent response. There is simply no way to control all of people in the streets. Violence radicalizes those who sought only to peacefully protest the obscene government complicit greed that is destroying our society.

These are easily learned lessons from history. These are easily learned lessons from the Arab Spring of this year. But once again the government cares more about the rules of running a city park, then the cries of the people they are supposed to serve. This is going to end well but in the process a lot more people are going to get hurt. Wake Up and smell the tear gas Mr. Mayor. Step in now Governor Brown. How about some action to back up all those pretty words Mr. President.