Mt. Shasta Part III

[Content Disclosure: Poker 8%; Cats 32%, Critters 25%, Vacation 12%, General Grumbling 6%, Lots of Pictures 98%]

That's Smokey reading a trashy paperback with me, note how Smokey is more interested in the actual novel then Midnight was. I think to wrap up this Mt. Shasta vacation/recovery, I will go with just the picture backlog. We have, in no particular order, me feeding some of the local fauna.

An even younger version from the troupe that visits daily.

Here is Gary, bonding with some of the "After Dark" crowd. We did make sure he had all of his shots.

Kevin Saul making another of his outrageous bets last Monday on the WPT Bellagio Cup broadcast, Smokey down below showing no interest in poker. BTW, this Monday night the second half of this final table will be shown on GSN and both Amy & I make a cameo at the very end of the show.

And finally, I can't forget the hummers. They are so used to us out on the deck that they will chirp in our face if you are blocking the way to the feeder. The Blevins have an amazing video taken last fall before the migration to Mexico; it shows at least 15 of the little buzzers clustered in the air around the feeder, waiting to fuel up before the big flight south.

Tomorrow the trek back to Las Vegas.