M&M Monday Vol. 1

Welcome to the first installment of M&M Monday. For awhile I have been feeling like I needed some artistic outlet other than my writing. However, I have discovered over the years that I have very little ability when it comes to singing, dancing, paint, clay, watercolors, musical instruments, sculpture and well the list goes on. Then last week two elements converged.

First were the on again off again Liz Lieu Tuesday offerings on my friend Pauly's blog. We all wish for more of those posts, they tend to be more frequent when Liz goes into the studio for a new photo shoot. But I really like the serial aspect of those posts and I consider Liz one of my best friends from my years around professional poker. She is the very hot lady in those pictures, yet I know her as someone completely different.

Then during a surfin' expedition, on an obscure blog, I ran across a several pieces of psychological art rendered using M&Ms as the medium. I immediately thought of half a dozen melt in your mouth tableaus.

Several days later I had six bowls of M&Ms in as many colors and sizes as I could find strewn across a glass top table and I began to assembly my first portfolio of chocolate infused art. You should not expect anything as brilliant as the piece at the top. Yes that is Eminem in M&Ms. But I think I can manage to be thought provoking at times and perhaps the slightest bit whimsical but always with the hint of a sugar high.

Here is my first piece of M&M art. In the future I promise more creativity but I thought I should begin with the source, the essence, the beginning, the alpha and the omega.

You can click to make it bigger if you have critical interest in the nuances of M&M art. My first rule of inspiration is that deconstruction be followed by consumption.
Eminem Art not by me