Darkness in Democracy and Other Fictions

My Halloween week of shadows continues with some video presentations from the dark recesses of the interweb. Life is so much better now that we can instantly view the full spectrum of human lamentation. Or not, you be the judge.

This post got started with this little bit of mental floss uncovered by the good Dr. Pauly. Here is Life Inc. or How the World Became a Corporation, a tad oversimplified but great fodder for my whining liberal friends, except for the final dig at Obama.

Fake Democrats, a graphic represenation of the far left's view of how Amerika has moved toward Fascism. Not at all the same as the way the far right view the move to Fascim, as they blame Obama, no in this clip the paranoids blame Bill Clinton.

The Myth of the Liberal Media. A weak ass and I mean weak ass refuting of the accepted view of the media by the formerly assertive Noam Chomsky. Even those who agree with him will find themselves doubting their own mind's when hearing this limp presentation. America is not a democracy, nor was it intended to be is a much more strident and typical Chomsky presentation and worth a listen, if only for knowing either who your enemies are or how far your friends have fallen. Oh and for a fair and balanced view of the Liberal Media Myth, here is a little chew for your political cud from that bastion of fairness Bill O'Reilly.

I stumbled on a whole mosh pit of videos labled: Why Do They Hate America, well why not? Bananas, American Soldiers, and Perfect Paranoia.

Since there is always light, even in the dark of darkness and as these videos illustrate there is also darkness even in places that are full of light or at least full of something; but rather than plummet into the bottomless pit of despair (brought to you by Hasboro) or dash our ships of life against the shores of everlasting anguish (permit needed from California Coastal Commission for all dashings). Rather than go there, there or there; here is some Darkness at the Edge of Town from the Boss.

On a personal note, you know all those great YouTube videos that your friends send you to watch. Makes you think that YouTube is a wonderful repository of witty, funny and pertinent video observations on life and, of course, the live performance of rock anthems. But, in reality, if you spend just a bit of time clicking on those other "suggested links" and then on their links and so on and so on; it takes about four degrees of separation for you to find the real visual whack jobs of the universe. It's not just that they have no opinion but they have little or no video skills either, it's just drivel all the way down. The internet makes everyone a movie director and everyone else a writer. Yes, I know that leaves me wide open to the tiny slings and arrows to be lobbed my way at 140 characters or less.
Art Credit: Jackson Pollack