Nominee: Best WSOP "At the Table" Story 2009

[Content Disclosure: Stranger than (poker) Fiction]

I got this story directly from the dealer involved, he verified the details and the pain involved. This is a WSOP main event tale, obviously from early in a day one session. Involved in the hand is a known, but not well known player, who has been efficiently building his stack against a very weak table. His opponent is a completely unknown woman, who has to this point demonstrated exactly zero poker skills. 

The pro flops top set (kings) with a unconnected board (K-5-2) and they manage to get it all-in with four bets. The betting did include the question: "How much can I raise?" The player turns over his top set, waits for the novice to table her lower set but instead the lady turns over 9-7 offsuit, no draw, none, period, zip, zero. Oh wait, there is a five on the flop, so she does have a double belly-buster straight draw. She proceeds to catch perfect (6)-perfect (8) for the straight.

As she stacks her chips, something she has clearly not done before; the player asks:

"Excuse me, did you win your seat online?"

She innocently replied: "No, mine was in a bag of Planter's Peanuts."