Ladies Triumph in RunGood Challenge

[Content Disclosure: 99% Poker, 16% Sexist Gibberish]

I would be remiss and subject to severe pummeling if I did not acknowledge that of the 12 starters in the PokerListings RunGood Poker Blogger Challenge, there were 8 men, 3 women and Dan invited. After three weeks of preliminary competition, the field was down to three of each. But the final results show once again the superiority, strength, skill and guile of the stronger gender. Amy finished 3rd, Michelle took home runner-up honors and Kristin pocketed the big cash.

For the others of us, appropriate bowing and scraping has ensued.

Artistic Note: The final RunGood photo selection was not my choice, complaints should be sent to: mcpig@pokerlistings.com