Casa Debonair

[Content Disclosure: Poker 19%, Visitors 47%, Las Vegas attractions 31%, Travel Plans 14%, Guavas 3%]

Casa Debonair, the house in the Henderson, has been full lately. The landlord was in last week and therefore much more poker was played then usual. I can admit to two tournaments and two final tables. The first was still payless, a 4 table limit/no limit donkfest at the Gold Coast but last Friday night I survived a roller-coaster evening of sucks and resucks to manage a 5th (148 entries) at Sahara and managed to pocket a couple of hundred or thereabouts.

Saturday was visitor exchange day. Debonair was dumped on the tarmac mid-morning and my brother and nephew were fetched up later that same evening. Las Vegas entertainment will ensue this week, within the boundaries of what we can get a 19 year old into. Yesterday, we took in the quarter final matches of the NBC Heads Up Championship at Caesars Palace and we did the Bellagio quick tour including Chilhuly, Conservatory, Poker Room and Fountains.

Today I envision an "All Cats All the Time" with homage to Mattie. We might even manage a picture or two for tomorrow's post.