Bumperstickers to Explain It All

There's a difference between a philosophy and a bumpersticker. -- Charles M. Schulz

Just a bit of a metaphysical pondering on the back end of the classic American motorcar. I was prompted to explore the variety of philosophical bumperstickers by this next one I saw the other day in of all places - the People's Republic of Berkeley.
This prompted an ugly scene, I saw the car parked in the lot of the Berkeley Whole Foods. Angered lefties had thrown tofu and sprouts all over the vehicle. Will vegan violence never end?

I just like this one, the meaning escapes me.

This one for my friends who never quite "got" buddhism.

for my platonic friends
(apologies for all the white space, the blogger software and I are having a disagreement; I lost)
no need to elaborate

Friedrich really?!

I just couldn't resist.

and this is simply my favorite bumper sticker ever