Mt. Shasta Part I

[Content Disclosure: Poker 0.0%, vacation 23%, olde friends 17%, cats 34%, dog 1%, raccoons, deer, skunks, hummingbirds 22%, nostalgia 7%]

I made the 12 hour drive from Las Vegas to Mt. Shasta last Monday. The long time friends, Gary and Cyndy Blevins, had headed out on their spring break vacation the day before, so I had five days to recover from my lingering illness and enjoy the peace and quiet of their place northwest of Mt. Shasta City. Technically, I am in Lake Shastina and non-technically this is Weed, California; but let's just stick with the major geographic phenomenon and cosmic convergence--Mt. Shasta.

Mount Shasta is located in the Cascade Range in northern California about 65 kilometers (40 miles) south of the Oregon-California border and about midway between the Pacific Coast and the Nevada border. The Cascades are the most volcanically active mountains in the continental United States, the range includes the well known Mt. St. Helens. All of the major peaks in the Cascade Range through Washington, Oregon and Northern California are considered active volcanoes. But enough geography.

The Blevins returned from their family visit to Oklahoma last night and we are now enjoying a Saturday of complete sloth. The week ahead should provide more of the same for me, though they will be returning to work on Monday. I do have a bundle of writing to do while I am here but I also have some wildlife to share with you, beginning with a couple of random shots of what the back deck looks like on any given evening.

The more domesticated fauna, next time.