I Might Be Wrong

I would never die for my beliefs 
because I might be wrong. -- Bertrand Russell

There is a difference between coming to the conclusion that you are wrong and conceding that "the other" is right. I have postulated recently that in a war both sides are dying for their beliefs. Often neither side is completely right nor wholly wrong. No, you do not get to cite the Nazis.

About the only belief I would be willing to risk my life for would be the belief that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. To live by those beliefs and practice whatever lifestyle those beliefs require. Of course the rub is that an overwhelming number of "big beliefs" rest on the premise that other people with other beliefs are wrong, evil, infidels, in need of saving or killing. Clearly not new news to any of my readers. So, let me ask - Any beliefs you might have recently considered letting go of?

I believe a regular review and purging of beliefs is a healthful thing. It helps if you start small, here are a few of my tiny beliefs. By mine I mean either I am willing to let them go or I fervently wish others around me would.

--NPR is valuable, productive, worthwhile and therefore deserving of public funding;
--Congress is ineffective and should all be voted out of office, except our local guy because he has seniority and has done so much for the local economy;
--adults have the right to do certain things, have certain habits, enjoy certain pleasures; even though by allowing them to do so will mean that children might have access to these same activities;
--animal testing is evil and cruel but it saves human lives;

Got any you want to toss on the bonfire? Bring your own kerosene.