Back in Vegas

[Content Disclosure: 62% Poker, 32% Life, 49% Las Vegas]

Yes, I am so happy to be back in Vegas that I am even willing to use the tacky "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. After a week in the San Francisco Bay area (my true home) I am back to the desert and ready for a frantic week of work finishing the Matusow book proposal. All necessary humanoids will be in town this week and we should have a wrap by this time a week hence.

I am also looking perhaps a bit later to checking out some of the more bizarre incentives that Vegas poker rooms are using to bring in players. There is a real war developing here.

The facts of poker life are that Las Vegas has too many poker rooms and too many poker tables for the number of players. Already one room, the Hilton, is closing its doors and everyone else is scrambling to fill their seats. So more and more interesting and borderline bizarre incentives are being announced. I think I am going to take a shot at the new cash game/tournament gimmick at Luxor. I will report as soon as I give it a fair trail.