Four Hundred Posts

One final significant number item in this string of number filled posts -- this is the 400th blog post since I launched Keeping Your Head in the Game back in 2007. Not surprisingly most of the early posts were about poker but since I altered the name to Keeping Your Head in (All) the Game(s) the poker content is down (and nearly out).

I went back and read a lot of those early non-poker posts. Clearly I was searching for my one true blogger voice. I was reminded of how Amy and I searched for several months for Mike Matusow's voice before we found it for his autobiography Check Raising the Devil.

By now I am a certifiable blog addict. I blog because the discipline spills over into my larger writing projects. I blog because for me it is easier to self disclose in print. Friends have noted that I am a great talker but not particularly self-revealing. I blog about what tweaks me, twists me, turns me and teases me. And I enjoy locating the pictures I adorn my blog with.

Four hundred posts took a bit more then 3 1/2 years, but my pace has increased each and every annum. We should be to 500 in time for my birthday early next year. Finally -- thanks for reading, it is always encouraging to know my words may reach your ears, hearts and other body parts.