Sonoma Cats II

[Content Disclosure: Cats, Felines, Kittens, Pussys]

Hard to believe I have been here in Sonoma for over two months, but that also means I am less than a month away from somewhere else. As promised the follow-up post to Sonoma Cats. That is the previously displayed Tigr (one of Matthew's clan) at the top, but how can you pass up a gorgeous orange tiger lounging on a lounge in the sun.

This next guy is the tiger from across the street, he likes to come over daily to visit the ladies who live in the various porches and cottages where I live. He actually will let me get a lot closer these days but I never managed both the camera and he kitty treats at the same time.

My Matisse looks a bit feisty in this shot. He really is a big lovable creature. Very big and prone to jumping into your lap while you are reading.

These two live on the cottage property and can take up perches on the eves where they can see the whole landscape and call out to me when I leave my place. Yep, they are short-haired Orientals. Very friendly and just about as many voices as Siamese.

Lastly, this is Michael's cat. A great hunter and property host. The neighbor's dog regularly gets chased away. Last night while we were enjoying the first barbeque of the season, we even got a little fox chasing in.