Partially Darken Moon Arisin'

Still a few days from full, a hazy moon rose over Mt. Shasta last evening. My friend was outside outfitting his mini-motor home for a late night departure to begin a long labor day weekend. The rising moon and a big black cat kept us company, while we caught up on the last year or so of our existence. The moon drifting behind the mountain clouds reminded me that my reading from a Bay area astrologer last week had two mentions of a coming lunar eclipses.

This New Year's Eve (2009) there will be a full moon and a partial eclipse, unfortunately not visible where I (or most of you) will be. Not being seeable does not mean the effects of an eclipse on a arithmetically significant day will not trouble, plague or reward you. So for those of my readers who delve into such realms, this NYE could be cautionarily significant. I have been told (or is that foretold?) that it will be a perfect confluence to both end and begin one long term development in my journey. So be wary of the question: 'What are you doing new year's eve?'

More significantly, for all, will be the total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice next year. December 21, 2010 will have a complete eclipse of the moon with totality visible throughout most of North and South America. So plan your solstice celebration early. Change she be acomin' whether you are ready or not. Even in the realms of the absurd or the mystical, depending on your perspective, the advantage goes to the prepared soul.