Never Miss a Scintillating Blog Post Again


I know how hard it can be to wait by your computer for yet another literary eruption from this here corner of the blogosphere. Heaven forbid you should miss the story of little timmy and his pet manatee lost in the wilds of mid-twentieth century michigan. 

Fear not! You can now get an email notice when a fresh and refreshing post appears on this - your source for all things not so significant. No need to endlessly send your browser seeking for updates on Keeping Your Head in (All) the Game(s). Now the internet will call you!

Over there on the right is a brand new widget, right below 2007 in the archive list. Just enter your email eddress and the ever and always on-duty silicon gremlins of blogger will let you know when I post new and exciting bon mots of great import or otherwise. The service sends you a complete copy of each post with art work.

Sign up now!!!

Tomorrow we return you to our regular non-commercial programming.

There appears to be about a 12 hour lag between a post going live and the email notices going out, so if you just can't wait. . .