Talking to the Enemy

[Content Disclosure: 0% Poker, 86% Politics, 34% Evil Empire, 3% Stem Cells, 4% Abortion, 5% Taxes, 6% Iraq and/or Afghanistan, 7% Economy, 19% etc.]

It seems the Republican Party is writing itself a platform and it also seems they have decided to take open comments from the public. I know they may not listen but what the heck it is really an amazing release to express yourself to the enemy. Now if the Democrats would only do the same I could be doubley satisfied. Anyways, you have to register and I am sure you will get some email solicitations from the RNC but what the heck you get those internet jokes from your relatives anyway, so why not get a laugh care of the Republicans.

You sign-up here. And after they send you a password, they also prompt you with all of the issues you really want to yell at them about, it's so handy that way. I got to tell them about stem cell research and abortion... Oh and gay marriage, the war, immigration and faith-based programs. It really was an interesting release, sorta like yelling into a cyclone. And some poor young staffer is going to have to read those and think the devil incarnate has internet access.