Crown Casino, Melbourne

Yes I have arrived in Australia. Unfortunately my bags went to London but hey let's be clear from the start this is not a blog for bitching about bad travel, bad beats or bad politicians (oxymoron). I am here and semi-dejetlagged and have been in the poker room. Ran into Tony G and played a couple of hours on a PokerPro table. The Crown Casino has ten of the all electronic tables in use and they work pretty well. Once you have Pro Card and have loaded your account, you can just sit down and play at any open seat, no more brush and no lines. And there are lines for the dealer cash games today, the crowds have definitely begun to arrive for the Aussie Millions.

Tomorrow I meet the PokerNetwork Team and we get a run through of the NEW software we will be using for our coverage of the Aussie Millions. More on the URL links for those events soon. But for now its time to deal with the rest of this jetlag and crash for the night, err day, well whatever time it is. Good Day Mate!