Goodbye Sonoma Hello San Francisco

I am in San Francisco now. I had to say goodbye to Sonoma in the title so I could use that really cool grape photo. After many too warm days in the north county, the fog was there this morning but I was on the way down to The City early. Of course there is complete overcast here in the Inner Sunset section of San Francisco where I am staying with Mira. I am hooked up to high speed interweb again and have a big black cat curled up beside me. So all is right in my world today.

Currently plans call for an extended stay of a week or more here. With lots of sideways visits to olde friends. My fiction work now has a working title; meaning I will never use this title but I have to call it something. So all references to the current fiction project will for now be labeled: Chautauqua in a Cube. Negotiations and conversations around a suitable non-fiction project continue.

Tomorrow, a sight for sore eyes.