Saturation Saturday: Blue

With the end of M&M Mondays this past week, I decided I needed another artistic outlet. Since I have gotten a lot of comments over the years about my selection of photographs and art to grace the blog, I thought I would empty some of the backlog of my blog art files. Welcome to the first edition of Saturation Saturday, where for several or many weekends into the future I shall explore the hues of the phantasmagoric rainbow as depicted on the world wide web.

Today - Blue.
This would be a blue whale, the largest creature ever to inhabit the earth. Not just the biggest mammal or the largest living creature on earth today but ever. Not even the biggest dinosaurs got this big; blue whales can weigh up to around 180 tons.

This is the Great Blue Hole, a giant sink hole about 50 miles off the coast of Belize. It's about 1,000 feet wide and 400 feet deep.

blue frog

blue morpho butterfly

rare blue lobster

Blue-Footed Booby 
I saw a whole colony of these when I went to Antarctica

Yes, a blue tennis ball.
Supposedly they were withdrawn from the market because they were "too painfully blue"

there have been some confectionerial complaints about the cancellation of M&M Mondays. . .

please note I did not mix this one up with the photo of the bird.