Run Good, Run Better, Then Stroll a Bit

[Content Disclosure: 100% Poker]

The third and final qualifying round of play in the PokerListings Run Good Challenge was played yesterday. I managed to add more points to my total but missed the money when I pushed to end all the qualifying drama against yesterday's eventual winner, Kid Dynamite. Mostly I was simply trying to end his diatribe of rap lyrics but in the process, his departure would also have meant all the qualifiers for next week's Grand Finale would have been set. Unfortunately his tiny set overwhelmed my big ace.

Final results for the December Nine are as follows:

Poker Shrink20 points (clearly the dominant player)
Amy Calistri13 points (nit)
Luckbox13 points (name says it all)
Change10012 points (reigning champion)
Michele Lewis11 points (cougar)
Benjo11 points (frog)
Matt Showell9 points (PokerListings ringer)
Spaceman9 points* (loser in playoff last time)
Kid Dynamite9 points* (lag maniac)
Dr. Pauly9 points* (worldwide threat)

*In playoff for final two spots

The whole thing gets settled next Saturday with $2800 up for grabs. For those poker bloggers who missed this version 2.0 of the Run Good Challenge. There is a 3.0 on the way, just contact Matt.