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Like so many of you my disturbed readers, I am not fond of internet jokes, puns, religious or patriotic homilies. However, nearly everyone on my email list knows me well enough to forward the prime juice of the internet vineyard. Of all the UTube, MyRace, Blogophenia items on the election and inauguration, this one .... well, just this one....

Dear World,

We, the United States of America, your top
quality supplier of the ideals of liberty and democracy, would like to apologize for our 2001-2008 interruption in service. The technical fault that led to this eight-year service outage has been located, and the software responsible was replaced November 4. Early tests of the newly installed program indicate that we are now operating correctly, and we expect it to be fully functional on January 20. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the outage. We look forward to resuming full service and hope to improve in years to come. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


The United States of America

Actually I would have put it this way: "Sorry, but periodically our flawed system of governance produces rampant stupidity, greed and regression. We will try to do better, but be prepared to cover for yourself because we will inevitably do it again."