Change of Ships

[Content Disclosure: 37% Poker, 43% Life, 3% Innuendo]

This is both a poker and a career update.

First, I am now working for CardPlayer Online and CardPlayer Magazine for the remainder of the 2007 World Series of Poker. I will be working on the Pro Blogs on CardPlayer.com, which is an assignment that combines my writing strengths and my relationship with many of the professional players. A good fit for me and I hope for CardPlayer.

This means I am no longer working for PokerNews either on the WSOP or on my regular Poker Shrink articles. Leave it to say that the PokerNews editor and I had some "creative differences" which we (you and I) will explore later in this space.

I continue as the chief writer for PokerBlog.com.

And! I am working with my favorite co-writer, Amy Calistri, on two books we are writing with Mike Matusow. Lots more on this later too.