[Content Disclosure: Life, Home, Poker, Plans within plans]

"You are much better prepared than most to tolerate ambiguity." A.C.

Once again I am packing my ever fewer belongings and heading off to no place in particular. This time I am truly without a home, house or condo of my own. Since I hit the road again in October of 2006 I have spent 21 months in Bill & Kathy's retirement home in Henderson, but then they went and actually retired. Another 7 months in a condo on the south side of Las Vegas and recently a bit more than 3 months in my friend's tiny cottage in Sonoma. But as of Thursday I am anchored precisely nowhere. No bed, no key, no cat, no place to plug in my Wi-Fi.

I plan to spend a couple of weeks with Bay area friends before wandering back to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. So I have a room in Vegas until July 20th and then once again I really have no idea. The vagaries of the poker writing market suggests that it is time to look elsewhere for an income stream. Perhaps just as well--the jaded would suggest that poker players all have just one name that clearly is not the case. But I wonder what else there is to cover in the world of poker, after all the best story is about to be told.

The last time I pondered the "where next?" question I had several options. Apparently this time I have even more because there is no location at the top of the list, nothing in second place either and no outlandish Texas options in the running this time around. I guess it really is turtles all the way down.