A Shaky Golden Gate Sunset

Today a break from what one reader has called my "unrelenting reliving of those political hippy years of long ago." That's not my photo above but it is as close as I could find to last evening's sunset. Twice a year the sun passes behind the Golden Gate Bridge, at least is does from my windows in Berkeley. Yesterday was one of those, it takes about six days for the sun to complete it's transit behind the bridge north to south in the fall and south to north in the spring. Most of those sunsets are swallowed in the persistent fog banks of San Francisco Bay or an offshore marine layer. But once in a great while the sky is clear enough for the sun to set into the ocean and outline the twin spires of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then the sky flares orange and backlights the bridge. Very spirit lifting.

On another 'note from nature' - no earthquakes today. Yesterday, there were two; not particularly large, 4.0 and 3.8 but the first one was just under 2 miles from my apartment and the second less than a mile. I've been in bigger quakes but not quite this close. From up in my 8th floor perch I can tell you there was definitely some rockin' & rollin', water splashin' plus tennis shoes, wallet and keys were set out before I went to bed last night.

[Morning update: spoke too soon, three aftershocks overnight - 1.3, 2.5, 2.8.]