Cat Houses

[Content Disclosure: Family 59%; Las Vegas 73%; Cats, Cats, Cats 92%]

What do you do when you are 19 years old and come to Las Vegas with your dad to visit your uncle. Well if dad and uncle are super cool they, of course, take you for an experience you will always remember. Lots and lots of pussy.

OK, so in our post-modern and PC-world that meant a trip to my favorite place in Las Vegas. The SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter (the Cat Wing, of course). This is Jake my nephew, a sophomore at Michigan State University in East Lansing. Jake and his dad, my brother Dan are out here for a week.

Day two of their trip involved nothing but cats. Well maybe the Black Bear Diner for lunch but other than that it was all feline all the time.

<--------That would be brother Dan being mugged by two of the residents of the Cat Wing. For residents of Las Vegas, these lovely creatures are available to go home with you today, just stop by the Shelter and let two or more adopt you.

Oh and Mattie; Sidewinder found a home last week and I have some more insider news I will send in email. The afternoon was a double feature as we went from the SPCA full of kitties to the MGM Grand for the afternoon lion pair. I will note for MGM regulars that not all of the cats are fed right after they arrive at 4:30PM and after discussion with Safari Lady, we now know that a late feeding at 8 PM is the alternative raw meat schedule at the MGM Lion Habitat.

No personal cat blog would be complete without one of me and one of the big girls.

Tomorrow is Hoover Dam day.