On the Road Again

Well I'm off again, on the road for 2+ months and according to Google Maps 6,262 miles. The motivation for hitting the highways again, like need a reason; one of my brothers is getting married in October. Of course, there are other relatives and friends to visit along the way.

Leg One of the trip I have already made, I am back in Weed, California (up north near Mt. Shasta almost to Oregon for those not up on their Northern California geography). Once again I am cat-sitting at my good friend's place while they do their own relative visiting in Oklahoma. I imagine I will be here about three weeks give or take and then head out on the first really long leg of the trek from Weed to Shakopee, Minnesota (just south of Minneapolis/St. Paul).

After a short, poker-filled stop in MN. I shall meander about the midwest until the wedding in mid-October. Then another long hunk of driving south to Texas.

Current itinerary subject to mid-course corrections:
Berkeley, CA
Weed, CA (I'm already here, there, everywhere)
Shakopee (Minneapolis), MN
Ann Arbor, MI
Fort Wayne, IN
Franklin, IN
Austin, TX
Albuquerque, NM
Phoenix, AZ
Palm Springs, CA
Venice, CA
Marina Del Rey, CA
Berkeley, CA

Not sure how much coverage I will give the trip, the blog continues but geographically I don't really need to be anywhere in particular to disgorge the contentions of my head onto this cyber-page. I'll update the "Going Next?" over in the right column, other than that and reports on any strange natural occurrences, it will be business as unusual.