Sonoma Valley

[Content Disclosure: Arrival 93%; looking forward 12%]

I am, at least temporarily, residing in the Sonoma Valley north of San Francisco. Specifically, I am living for a time in Tina's Hut, while she spends time in the desert southwest. I have already encountered five of my neighborhood cats; always a good sign. Having been told by a very close friend that I always sound happier when I am in California, this seems another good omen. From her lips to the ears of local spirits and sprites.

Chaos and confusion have been drifting about my world lately, I expect some of that was just the twitterings of the move but so much more seems just jiggering out of reach. Perhaps I will explore some of those sinkholes here soon, but for now I am going to enjoy a glorious sunny day in Sonoma and see how many more of the feline pack I can encounter. Followed by a long, leisurely evening of fiction.