Feedback Please

Now that my blog has almost completely shed its poker origins and therefore about 50% of my readership as well. I have a request for those of you still seeking out my ponderings here. I have heard in the past that my writing at times sacrifices explanatory content for pithy brevity. Recently I have also had some private feedback that my current writing project (book) may be suffering from the same malady. So I ask you:

Is the blog too brief?

Am I too blunt, breviloquent, brusque, compendious, concise, preemptory, pithy, short, succinct, summary, tart, terse or unceremonious?    

Has this become just a running diary of miscellaneous content drifting towards a miasmic mishmash?

Would you prefer more detail, more bulk, more anything?

Do I leave too much dangling with vague references or the promise of future revelations?

Is the only purpose of life to ask the question: What is the purpose of life?

I have noticed that my readers tend to favor private emails over leaving a public comment. Either or any way you choose to communicate, please do. I am soliciting feedback for the future of Keeping Your Head in All the Games. I am not even vaguely considering abandoning this blog but I may racket it up a notch or simply drift in a different direction. What do you think?