Poker Mind In Depth Part XVIII: Finale

[Content Disclosure: Poker Mind In Depth series]

It's a wrap! No, not the main event; there are still 408 players with a bracelet dream still alive. But the 2009 WSOP run for Matusow, Negreanu and Hellmuth has come to an end. Phil busted last night with of all hands -- pocket aces. So I will wrap my "Poker Mind In Depth" series with a few thoughts.

First of all, thanks to three players who took the time to answer many not always easy questions. Not once in the past five weeks did anyone back away from a question or give me a lightweight response. In fact, several times one of the players did a second take when they thought they had not given a complete response to my questions. I appreciate that I was able to have access to the first three players on my wish list for this series, my only regret is that #4 was such a privacy pussy.

Yes, as some have asked, there is a potential book being considered. What would you think of a group of 12 or so top professional poker players being completely open and honest about the psychology issues they face in their poker lives and the compensations they make outside of poker to play the game? I have a partial line-up of interviewees in mind and an interested publisher but suggestions for additional players are welcome.

The WSOP is not over, so I will be shifting my emphasis for the next few days to other parts of the Amazon room and maybe a few places outside the main event. Thanks for following along, hope you enjoyed my series within the Series.