Rhythms of Life

[Content Disclosure: Life, Lifestyles, In-Between Times]

Great part of being a grownup, you never have to do anything. -- Peter Blake, House M.D.

Had a chance to do some catching up with some old friends yesterday. Satisfying to see and heard where everyone is at present and to see how little we have changed and how much we are different. At some point someone noted that the "average American" two parent family (two jobs, some kids) arises on a workday at 5:47 AM. My friends, who are not average, have no kids but do indeed have jobs; well they averaged out to just about 5:47 AM. I, on the other hand, throw the mean and mode all out of kilter. I get up when I want to get up. There are days when I am at the computer by seven and others where I need to walk and ponder before my fingers can tippity-tap on the keyboard. A few times I year I am still up at 5:47 AM, either because the muse or the never-ending final table has kept me up.

So the cynical Dr. House in the opening quote is definitely not talking about most adults. Indeed, other than not having to eat your vegetables, most adults do have to do lots of things they don't want to do. I find myself fortunate during this part of my life to have extensive freedom to actually do what I want to do without being filthy rich or blatantly a derelict. Writing is a very cool way to earn income. Yes, you do have to wonder if anyone will pay you for it next month or next year but when they do, it is a very interesting way to makes ones way in the world.

You call it surfing, I call it research. You call it: "getting something off my chest", I call it blogging. You call it a hobby, I call it a living. You say potato, I say a widely cultivated tuberous crop of the Solanaceae family.

To each their own but damn I do feel lucky at 5:47 AM every morning.