500th Post

If I continue at my current blog rate, I will produce another hundred posts about every six months. So the 600th, 700th and 800th posts are really not that big of a deal. For that matter neither is today's offering, which just happens to be number five hundred. I decided to make this is a working celebration. A couple of weeks back I thought I would be interesting to notice what SEO tags (search engine optimization) I had used over the years. That, of course, led me to completely revamp my SEO labeling system. I have removed any stray tags that got used only once or twice and have consolidated several of the others.

So here today on the moment of my 500th blog post, I offer my current list of SEO tags, which do say a lot about what I have and haven't been writing about for these last 4+ years.

Right there at the top, of course, is poker with 75 tags and probably a few more if I had been really diligent and thorough in the early years. These days there are only one or two poker posts each year but in '07 I started this blog as a supplement to my poker media gigs. It makes sense then that poker shrink comes in second with 51 tags. I wrote a lot of articles on commercial poker websites using the Poker Shrink pseudonym.

Next comes the nexus of tags that indicate what I have been blogging about the last several years: politics [41], commentary [44], life [39], psychology [26], books [40] and writing [35]. I would imagine these will crawl ever higher on the list.

Back in '09 there were a lot of posts from my fourteen months on the road - my undomiciled period: travels [34] ranked high. I also like to acknowledge holidays [27] of all sorts, including birthdays, halloween, anniversaries and solstices of all kinds.

Earlier, while writing the poker book - Checking Raising the Devil [12] with Mike Matusow [30] and my co-author Amy Calistri [16], I also wrote quite a bit about Las Vegas [31] and the World Series of Poker [24].

Recently a range of life ponderings [27] have asserted themselves as I look out of the window at my Berkeley view [21]; I never get far from various forms of philosophy [17] both near and not so. And I often regale you with my life-long fondness for cats [18]. More recently, with prompting from a friend who also blogs, I have begun to tell more of my stories [27] - two academics walk into a fetish bar . . .

Wonder what will the next 500 bring?