Patience is a Virtue?

[Content Disclosure: Life 64%, Patience 83%, Poker 2%]

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. -Tolstoy

The aptly named Poker Grump wrote an intereting article disagreeing with my distaste for Poker = Life metaphors. I have been working on a "patience" section for a new book but today I am pondering patience not poker. I have noticed that patience tends to come with the ease of age. At least is how it seems to me these days. Yet I find others younger and older to have more patience in areas than I might. It appears we selectively decide that some areas are out of bounds for restraint, something about not abiding idiots or tolerating fools.

I guess I don't want to trounce any intolerance today, but I do notice that life in general is requiring a goodly dose of patience these days.

I have several writing gigs in the "hold" position. Actually one has come through and others linger. Patience, my boy, patience.

One of my good friends is under consideration for a position that would be great for her and just an excellent decision for the company involved, but nothing yet.

On the lighter side, I was at dinner the other evening with my brother and one of my recently retired poker buddies. When I asked them what the plans were for the weekend, they gave me an eloquent and mirthful dissertation on why making plans too far in advance is unwise when you are in full retirement mode. It seems you don't want to add stress or structure to a life of leisure. Wise and deservingly slothful men these are.

What comes next for me? Now there is a question, a whole galaxy of questions that are requiring a lot of patience these days. Patience and just existing at the edge of the void. Really an interesting if not completely comfortable place to pitch one's tent.