The Real Iowa Numbers

Romney wins in Iowa but Santorum finishes incredibly close in a great moral victory. Ron Paul hangs in there while Bachmann and probably Perry step out of the race. That's what you could hear all last night and all day today on every "news" show you could dial up. But let me point out just three numbers to demonstrate just how ludicrous it is for "the greatest democracy on the planet" to select it's leader this way.

-that's how many Iowa voters showed up to caucus last night; over five times that many people were at the Rose Parade on Monday, why not let them vote?

-that's how many Iowa votes John McCain got in the 2008 general election, last night about 18% of that total caucused and were the object of all this media attention. Less than 1 in 5 probably voters bothered to go to a caucus. Oh by the way McCain lost Iowa to Obama 54% to 45%.

-that's how many Americans voted for McCain in 2008; last night .24% (1/4%) of that number boosted Romney, Santorum and Paul but ended at least two and possibly four other presidential campaigns.

Iowa - Is this really how we want to select the "Leader of the Free World"?

New Hampshire next, then South Carolina.

God Bless VespuciLand.