How Can We Have a Leaderless Revolution?

The mainstream media continues to ask: 

"What is Occupy Wall Street about?"
"What do they want?" 
"Where are their demands?"
"Who are their leaders; who do we interview?"

We should expect those questions from people who are hearing about OWS for the first time. But the media is (or was) about journalism, going after a story, doing some research and easiest of all - reading other media coverage of a potential story.

Unfortunately what passes for mainstream media today is infotainment and not journalism. Which is why we are still getting "What is OWS about?" questions from even some previously responsible sources. Caitlin Dewey writing for Kiplinger recently asked the wrong questions in this article. Her lead read: "I went to the Occupy D.C. protests hoping to find a movement. Instead, I found people to disorganized and idealistic to actually change the things they they criticized."

Really Caitlin you went to find a movement and couldn't locate it standing right in it's midst? Methinks the problem is not with Occupy but with your sight or rather lack of insight.

If you are a journalist or just someone who wants to know what's going on with Occupy, try this article from Daily Kos. You might be the gist from their lead: "If you are a political pundit and you still don't know what Occupy Wall Street stands for, you are an idiot."

This really and truly is not rocket science, in fact, it takes a profound effort not to understand what is going on in Zuccotti Park and in cities throughout the country. Pay attention - these people are trying to take the country back for all of us.

The 'Leaders' we need to worry about are not those who will emerge from Occupy but those that already hold the strings on Wall Street and in Washington. Leadership removal is much more critical than leadership replacement.