WSOP Burnout: Second Notice

[Content Disclosure: Another Shrink Warning]

Just over a month ago I offered some advisory comments to my fellow media members regarding the inevitable WSOP burnout from long hours, bad food, poker playing and ridiculously high standards for tournament reporting that nearly no one reads. I received several comments from my writing buddies, but nearly no one took my advice. Hats off to Dr. Pauly who actually did take time off and is now fresher than yesterday's bagel. Today I want to expand on those cautionary comments to include the 6 or 7 thousand plus players who are about to descend on the World Series of Poker.

First, you should be resting. Resting does not include clubs (night or gentlemen's). You might consider some exercise, again that would mean a gym not a gentlemen's club. There are parties in full swing this week; the barbeques are fine, the all night drunken rolls with or without running Twitter commentaries are not. Those of you who will not take this advice, please do tweet all the details, I can use the drunken data points for my research.

Getting back to the Series, remember, you are the one who said:

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

"I have been running bad the whole series, but now the main event is here."

"I am going to focus and be prepared to play" is not a line that should be followed by "Another round for the table."

Yes, Las Vegas is a lot of fun, lots and lots of fun. But not the night before the Super Bowl, if you are playing. This really is the World Series of Poker and if you are good, skillful and lucky; it will last nearly two weeks, you really think it is wise to go out and party the night before you or someone upchucks ten thousand dollars?

*     *     *

Back to my buddies in the poker media. Repeat after me. Nothing happens on Day One, not Day 1A or 1B or C or D. There is not reason to further stress yourself out to report on anything but the funny hats and stupid costumes. Also no one makes the money on Day Two, not Day 2A or 2B. Lots of stuff happens but nearly none of it is worth reporting. Things get serious on Day Three, so pace yourself and next year remember all the resolutions you made this year. You know: eat right, use the gym, don't play poker after a 12 hour day writing, finish your screen play and read that book on Omaha 8. But for now -- go to back to bed!

That's all for now, the outcall masseuse has arrived with the pizza and wings.