Coordinated Attack on Occupy

They orders have been sent down from the top: "Stop these Occupy people now!"

How else do you explain the recent escalations from formerly liberal mayors and their police forces? Tear gas and flash grenades in Oakland. Overwhelming force in Atlanta. Extreme violence in Melbourne. New eviction notices in San Francisco. Raids always midnight to 4 a.m. Reporters being cordoned off from the intense action and then, in the case of Oakland, tear gassed in their roped off media safe zone.

Don't think that it's just the police and government officials. The mainstream media is complicit as well. Take the Washington Post, you know the newspaper that broke the Watergate story that brought down Richard Nixon. Take a look at how they covered the Police attack in Oakland.

Orders from the top: Discredit and disband the Occupy camps before they get any more traction.

So, what are you doing to support these people? Have called city hall? Written an email to the mayor, the governor, the president. Let them know you do not live in a police state. We are so quick to condemn the actions of dictators in Egypt, Libya and throughout the world, but we tolerate in silence the same actions in our own cities.

You can do something or you can remain silent while local uniforms beholded to the top corporations enforce the law and order they need to maintain their control of this country and it's wealth.

Your choice. Doing nothing is the same as choosing the side of the oppressors.