Run Good, Run Bad and Walk Away

[Content Disclosure: 99% Poker, 1% whining]

The first RunGood challenge from the gang at PokerListings will have its grand finale next Saturday. I will be there cheering on some of my poker buddies but alas, it will be from the rail. I finished up a perfect 3 for 3 in goose eggs when I busted early in yesterday's third round of qualifying. To save me from the ignominy of reporting the disaster, anyone interested can read the report from Matt of PokerListings. Some big bucks will be on the line Saturday and I intend to be there for serious sideline harassment as would be appropriate for this great finale.

There is rumor of a second RunGood event coming later this year and I have been told there may be "Mercy Invitations" for those of us who played like guppies in this tournament. Thanks again to the Good Run staff at PokerListings for a fun series of events.