Five New Ways to View Blogger Blogs

You may not know and more than likely don't care that Blogger (aka Blogspot) the host for this and millions of other blogs is owned by Google. Until very recently it has made absolutely no difference, the corporate campus of Google has basically ignored the blogosphere. But things have changed. The creative minds down south in sillycon valley have turned the flaming eye of attention on Blogger.

One of the first innovations involves five different "dynamic views" that allow you to see the content of my blog in several rather unique visual configurations. Because I use a large number of images, a couple of the new views actually work pretty well for this blog.

You get there by going up to the browser window where you now see: http://pokershrink.blogspot.com and adding /view. Or just click here. This takes you to the first view called Sidebar, for me the least interesting of the new front pages. You'll find a blue-green pulldown menu on the top right that will whisk you to Mosaic, Flipcard and Snapshot - the more interesting content displays with a variety of 'mouse over' options. 

Interesting new features for Blogger and hopefully a sign that Google is turning its mass of talent to the blogging software; giving me more toys with which to entertain and periodically enlighten you.