Tis Good to be Back

[Content Disclosure: 13%-19% Poker, 87% Northern California]

Let me get it out of the way right up front, I have not been to the 101 Casino (formerly Sonoma Joe's) for any poker yet, but soon I promise. I have been to several Indian and one Burmese restaurant, one herbal apothecary and an acupuncturist in Forestville. I have hung out with at least a dozen cats (pictures soon) and am slowly dealing with the deteris of life and in particular the leftover flotsom and jetsom of this last year of the voyage.

Personal economy-wise there is work being done both on spec and on the clock/cash register. Otherwise, I have several long time friends here in Sonoma and many more down in the City. I am meanderingly getting to see all of them in a slow flourish of reconnection. Planning for this summer and beyond is beginning, although like so many others, a bit of the future is in the hands of the Washington politicians and in my case, in particular, Barney Frank.

The question is: If online poker comes back completely in the US, will it matter now that the dollars are not flowing so freely in this wretched economy. Like my friend
Dr. Pauly, I am working on my non-poker book, while awaiting the decision on poker as a writing source going forward. And like my co-author Amy Calistri, I am taking some time to be blog reflective.

Here in the green, damp Northern California environs, it is very easy to look at all the balls you have in the air and just decide to let a couple of them drop and slowly roll away. Things look and feel different. Perhaps just a matter of perspective but more likely a product of long gestation and an ill fit with certain aspects of life.

But then again, it is Northern California: