Pamela Anderson, of course

For obvious reasons, the question gets asked: Who would you like play poker with: Here is my current favorite final table. If you don't know why, then you have not been paying attention.

Seat #1: Pamela Anderson
Seat #2: Paris Hilton
Seat #3: Britney Spears
Seat #4: Clay Aiken
Seat #5: Lindsay Lohan
Seat #6: Carmen Electra
Seat #7: Jessica Simpson
Seat #8: Jennifer Lopez
Seat #9: Jessica Alba
Seat #10: Beyonce

Yes, I know there is not seat for me at the table, I just don't feel I could bring my "A" game to this crew and I just couldn't bring myself to add Saddam Hussein to the felt party list. Think even Clay Aiken could get lucky at this table?