Plans, Times, Changes

[Content Disclosure: 23% Poker, 35% Schedule, 64% Pseudo Holiday Newsletter]

In the next two months, I will:

Go the the Rio Hotel an Casino for the World Series of Poker about 40 times.

Write more than 50 WSOP posts on pokerblog.com and half a dozen meanderings right here.

Move. My friends whose retirement home I have been living in the past 18 months are actually retiring, so it is time for me to relocate. For you locals, I am going for a condo on South Las Vegas Blvd. somewhere near the South Point Casino.

Cats! Once I move I will happily have cats residing with me again. My visits to the SPCA of late have involved a lot more inquiries about who wants to live with me. A couple of contenders have made application with fur and saliva samples.

Travel? Late Summer/early Fall extended trip to San Francisco is probably.

The Book: new fall deadline for the final manuscript. Autographed copies less than a year away.