Beginning Again.....

Yes it is time for the PokerShrink to have his own blog. Now that PokerBlog.com has been put to rest. It is time and perhaps well past time for me to share my thoughts on all things poker and otherwise and yes I do promise a lot more of the otherwise stuff. There will be a short delay as I am moments from boarding a big bird for the long flight to Melbourne, Australia for the Aussie Millions. But soon, very soon, I promise.

In the last several months I have relocated from someplace in the midwest to Las Vegas. Yes, poker bloggers operate from everywhere on the planet but someone has to actually live here but I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.

I am still writing my PokerShrink column over on PokerNews.com and will continue to do so but for those not-so-grammatically correct thoughts-----Welcome to my new Blog and thanks for coming.

To all my poker buddies heading to Tunica this week; while it will be warmer in Melbourne, I will still miss you guys. Have a Debonair or two on me (the check is in the mail) and if you have a satellite moment--pass my regards to the redhead.