Green Valley, CA.

I don't know what actually was the first stop on this current journey of mine. I suppose when I gave up the condo in Las Vegas back in January was as good a place to begin as any. But the plan then was to house-sit in Sonoma for three months and then to meander back to Las Vegas for the World Series. Mission accomplished. Then the story went that I would put down roots somewhere or at least pretend by putting my name on a lease. Well the best laid plans and all that...

Instead I am going to mooch and leech off of my cadre of friends and family for another four or five months until I actually decide where to settle or until I can think of another reason not to buy a sofa and just invade another group of friends. Truth be told, I really enjoy the intimacy of friendship over several days or even weeks. In addition, I will get to have some lengthy conversations with several of my potential co-authors on future projects. The new writing goals for the remainder of 2009 are to produce one complete book proposal, ready to submit to my agent and to have a first draft of my current fiction piece ready for my gaggle of critics to peruse. 

Right now I am at Matthew's in Green Valley, doing a short cat-sit. Matthew has a great collection of house and feral cats, who have adopted him and the GV place is very peaceful. One of my pet peeves is assumptive references, like mentioning a place that most people cannot place on a map. So geographically I will be a bit more detailed than just saying: "I am here" when here is not as well known as say San Francisco or Minneapolis.

Green Valley is an area (without zipcode) between Sebastopol and Forestville in Sonoma County. Sonoma is one of the renown wine valleys of Northern California. When you leave San Francisco across the Golden Gate bridge you enter first Marin and then Sonoma County. So for now I am about 60 miles north of SF in Green Valley focused on writing and packing a car for five months on the road. Will I need mittens?