Cleaning Up After the New Year

[Content Disclosure: Detritus 12%; Flotsam 9%; Jetsam 17%; Dust Bunnies 23%; other 47%]

Time to put 2008 to bed and dance on into whatever comes next, but first some housekeeping chores I may have been putting off.

RSS feeds: For the many or several who have requested a notification when I put up a new post, the various feeds are now up there on the top of the right hand column, pick your favorite and you will never miss a witty, insightful bon mot from Keeping Your Head in All the Games.

Actual House Cleaning, Discarding & Transporting: I am just back from a trip to Sonoma County and I will be departing Las Vegas for a cottage in Sebastopol something mid to late month. The available sublet from an olde and dear friend just seemed too synchronous to ignore. I will be in and around Northern California until at least mid-May and then we shall evaluate the various options that life presents.

Another Book: Well it appears that the team (Amy, Mike and me) are going to press on with the partnership and begin the Matusow tournament book. I am planning to spend time with Mike while I am still here in Las Vegas and in all likelihood will work through the WSOP this summer to complete that project.

Dis-Ease: There seems to be a lot of maladies of all kinds around my orbit these days. Friends and family and family of friends are manifesting illness, age and dissatisfaction. I get it, no really I get it. My only advice is paying attention and participating in your own somatic presence. Don't turn your health or your life over to the gods of the white coats. Use them and their potions judiciously and wisely. Enjoy Life--This is not a Dress Rehearsal.

Frequency: I will be posting here more this year then last. I have way too much percolating to leave it all on the pillow, so stayed tuned and keep in touch; I shouldn't be doing all the talking.