Las Vegas: Where It All Begins...

[Content Disclosure: 23% Poker, 69% Las Vegas, 3% Where's Waldo, 7% da book]

Yes, I'm back where it all began. Oh wait, that would be Detroit. Well, I am back where I first (re)discovered poker... no not really. Oh hell, I'm back in Vegas for another World Series of Poker. I am dead tired from an early rising in the Bay area and the long drive but I am pretty much nested in my new digs for the duration (61 days). I plan to actually play some poker this week before the big deal starts over at the Rio. Bill did try to drag me out for some drunken $2/$4 at South Point tonight but the operative words in my evening are drag and out. So tomorrow I will get some felt time in.

As far as the Series goes, I have a project in the works that I think will interest and intrigue the poker loyalists out there. Something completely different as the saying goes. But more of that in the next several days. Stay tuned for what I think will be a very interesting announcement for the summer of '09 at the World Series of Poker.

Tomorrow a visit to the cat condos at the SPCA shelter and a stop by Cardoza Publishing, can you believe I have still not actually seen the book?! Lived with it for two years and now I just can't get a copy, hope no one else is having that problem. Hey speaking of the book, if you happen to walk into a Barnes & Noble and do not see Check-Raising the Devil on the new release shelf or table right at the front door, please let me know in the comment section below. Those slots are bought and paid for and we want them. You can, if you ist so inclined, mention the omission to the store manager, I do so cherish my uppity readers.

Off to sleep, perhaps to dream.