Da Book! Da Book!! Da Book!!!

[100% The Book, 100% Check-Raising the Devil]

Sometimes dear readers (OK, lots of times!) you have to put up with my obsession with the book. This time it is prompted by the photo above, photo-shopped and passed along by Amy's home game host. Hey, if you blow it up really big you can almost see my name on the cover.

We asked about how sales were doing and we told that it really takes another week or so to get any decent preliminary numbers but Barnes & Noble has put in a reorder sooner than expected, so someone is grabbing those new release copies. For Las Vegas residents, Mike will make an appearance next Monday on the local NBC affiliate--evening news broadcast.

And now I am off for a day of poker, may all be well in your world and may no one ever whisper in your ear: "A Queen and a Queen only!"