NOT Occupying Obama

"Obama's hope of somehow harnessing the Occupy Wall Street movement as a left-wing of the tea party is a pipe dream. Obama was yesterday's messiah. He has turned out to be a false prophet and his erstwhile supporters are out for revenge."

That's the final conclusion of a short article on Yahoo! news. For those in the Occupy Movement it comes as no surprise. Conservatives will probably believe that it's just more propaganda because for them Occupy is an Obama election strategy. For the liberals this is a chilling message and therein lies the truth from my corner of the political landscape. The president and the democrats are not going to be able to mobilize the energy of the Occupy protest in 2012. Not a chance.

Yes there are voters at the camps and in the marches who will pull the lever for Barack but not nearly enough for him to win. And this is not merely youthful defection from a cause that simply could not have possibly taken over D.C. in what is now still less than three years in office.

The facts, as seen around the tents, is that Obama didn't really try. He is, as many of us expected, just another politician. His entire career has been about compromise and the center, which as it turns out is not a viable strategy when the other side will not budge. The republicans vote as a bloc, descent is not an option in that party. They have become a bloated intestinal blockage in the American system and they think nothing of destroying the country if it means they get their way. Obama's reaction to such obstinate, obstructionist policy has been to make more pretty speeches. 

We have been listening, which is one of the big reasons there is an Occupy Movement at all. This is not an anti-republican or anti-democrat protest. Remember it began as Occupy Wall Street. Not Occupy D.C. This is about the criminal actions taken by greedy, heartless bastards at the expense of everyone else in the country. Hell, everyone else on the planet, they nearly destroyed the world wide economy with their avarice.

The hard numbers on the ground are not with the president. Certainly not the 99% and not the 50.1% either, not with the anti-majority tilt of the electoral college. But fear not liberals, have hope independents, stay alert middle class, lower class and even the few patriots in the financial elite - there is another way.

More on that other way later, I promise.