Apple updates MacBook Air and Mac Mini and rolls out the all new OS X Lion

Today Apple updated MacBook Air and Mac Mini with the latest greatest 2nd generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors that are twice as fast as the previous offerings. The recently introduced Thunderbolt port is now a standard offering too. The new MacBook Air now also sports a very much needed backlit keyboard. Noteworthy updates to the Mac Mini lineup include a twist off base for easy memory upgrades and an integrated power supply - so long the chunky paper weight power supply brick. A new Mac Mini Server is also available with Lion Server edition. All new Macs now ship with the brand spanking new OS X Lion, which introduces over 250+ new features. You can download OS X Lion upgrade from the App Store today for a nominal fee of just $29.99.

All-in-all Apple is on a roll and there is seemingly no stopping them now! Next up iPhone 5 and iPad 3...