M&Ms in Las Vegas

Yes, there really is an M&M World on the strip in Las Vegas. And since it is right next to the MGM Grand where we were staying, several trips were made to capture the panorama and panache that is Las Vegas in chocolate. Again many thanks to Mike for the photography and playful spirit.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

The sacred M&M wall, where pilgrims gather to leave messages to their long lost waistlines.

The aroma of cocoa can be overwhelming. They do have emergency supplies of insulin.

I was as diligent as a non-shopper can be in my attempt to fine any item I could tolerate in my apartment. Alas, the $34.95 beach towels drove me screaming from the store.

This is Mike (on the right) our intrepid photographer. The guy in blue with the white glove scares me a bit.