Las Vegas

Once again it is time for a Poker Boyz trip to Las Vegas. A bare quorum of the usual suspects begin arriving tomorrow. We are all staying at the MGM Grand after several weeks of email negotiations regarding a) room rates & deals; b) walking distance to several appropriate poker rooms; c) daily access to the lion habitat.

There may be a random report or two from Las Vegas if anything of interest occurs. But the likelihood is that there will be:

-a lot of poker
-dinners, drinks, snacks, buffets
-interesting even strange encounters with non-indigenous wildlife (tourists)
-an excursion to my favorite SPCA shelter for a cat condo purr-fest
-a memorial stop at the Sahara before it closes
-meet-ups with several friends from 'the olde days'
-a Bellagio run for the usual sites and current art exhibit
-a downtown run for a tournament at Binion's and the annual picture
-one quick & dirty business meeting

Since most readers these days have little or no interest in card games or Las Vegas, I have queued up appropriate non-gaming posts while I am away.